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Barra de Refuerzo Delantera Superior Ultra Racing (Civic 06-up FN/FK)

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Fits All Honda Civic 2006-2011 5-Door Hatchback & Civic 2007-2011 3-Door Hatchback Models

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Ultra Racing 2-Point Front Upper Tower Bar

A car chassis is carry by 4 wheels and 4 shock absorbers. When driving on bumpy road, the shock of impact will be absorb by shock absorber, however if the chassis is not strong enough to support the shock absorber, the shock of impact will not all absorb by shock absorber but by chassis, causing chassis flex. Same thing happen when make a turn on corner, chassis will be twisted by the force of weight transfer. Therefore, the handling will be rough and hard to predict the movement of car. To soft the chassis flex problem and improve the handling, the Ultra Racing's chassis strengthen parts is born, we will explain how this product works on you car. The stronger chassis, the better handling.

When turning in corner, the weight transfer will make the car sway a side, causing body roll and more difficult to turn in to a corner, weaken the steering respond.

The upgrade version of Ultra Racing's anti roll bar will be more effectively preventing the car sway a side at cornering, greatly reduce body roll and high stability in cornering

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Código Del Producto TW2-1106
PVP € 125,00
Fabricante Ultra Racing
Sitio Web del Fabricante Ultra Racing Website
Coloros Blanco
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This product fits on the following car models:

Honda Civic 2008-2012 5-door hatchback 1.4i (L13Z1 - FK1)
Honda Civic 2008-2012 5-door hatchback 1.8i (R18A2 - FK2)
Honda Civic 2008-2012 5-door hatchback 2.2i-CTDi (N22A2 - FK3)
Honda Civic 2007-2012 3-door hatchback 1.8i (R18A2 - FN1)
Honda Civic 2007-2012 3-door hatchback 2.2i-CTDi (N22A2 - FN3)
Honda Civic 2007-2012 3-door hatchback 1.4i (L13Z1 - FN4)
Honda Civic 2007-2012 3-door hatchback 2.0i Type R (K20Z4 - FN2)


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