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Discos Delanteros EBC Ultimax (Civic 03-05 EP2/Civic 05-12 Hybrid)

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Fits All Honda Civic 2003-2005 1.6i Sport EP2 & Civic 2005-2012 1.3i Hybrid Models With 5x114.3 PCD

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EBC Ultimax Front Brake Discs for Civic EP2


- Diameter: 262mm
- Height: 47mm
- Thickness New/Minimal: 21/19
- Vented
- 5x114.3 PCD

Image of black USR Disc with initial coating on
USR discs as they come in the box.
Image of EBC Ultimax BlackDash USR Slotted Rotors after contact area has worn off
After a few hours of service, (black coating wears off contact area).
Image of an EBC solid type UPR
Image of an EBC Vented Type UPR
Solid Type
Vented Type

Ultra quiet sport slotted brake rotors

Manufactured using premium disc blanks mentioned above, the narrower multi slot design of the Ultimax sport rotor and the progressive angle at which the slots are machined creates a quiet running sport rotor that still has benefits of removing gas, dirt, water and debris and MAINTAINING parallel pad wear.

EBC have always been honest enough to say that the biggest advantage of slotted rotors is the fact that they promote flat and parallel pad wear rather than allowing ridges to develop on pads and rotors which is typical of "drilled only" sport rotors. By preventing these ridges brakes stay more consistent throughout pad and rotor wear life (simple physics!).

Slotted rotors can significantly improve brake performance and longevity when used with a matching high friction pad set . Having sold hundreds of thousands of brake kits EBC Brakes feel confident their approach is as perfect as it gets.

We are of the opinion that slotted rotors have been “Over sold” by certain marketplace participants and our findings are that a slotted rotor will only give benefits if used with a pad that compensates for its reduced surface area. The benefits of degassing and promoting flat and smooth pad wear are a clear plus in favour of sport rotors but the trick is to opt for a matched set of brakes and not to just expect a slotted rotor to improve braking on its own. When used with higher friction EBC Redstuff, Greenstuff or Yellowstuff brake pads these rotors WILL DELIVER better brakes.

Información adicional

Código Del Producto USR7126
PVP € 167,00
Delantero y Trasero Delantero
Brake Disc Type Slotted/Grooved
Diámetro del Disco 262mm
Version Ultimax
Anclaje 5x114.3
Fabricante EBC Brakes
Manufacturer Logo EBC Brakes Logo

This product fits on the following car models:

Honda Civic 2003-2005 3-door hatchback 1.6i (D16V1 - EP2)
Honda Civic 2005-2008 4-door sedan 1.3 DSi i-VTEC Hybrid (LDA2 - FD3)
Honda Civic 2008-2012 4-door sedan 1.3 DSi i-VTEC Hybrid (LDA2 - FD3)


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