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Discos Delanteros EBC Turbogroove (Civic 06- up 1.4/Civic 07-up FN1/2.2 TD/FR-V 04-up )

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Fits All Honda Civic 2006-Up 1.4 , Civic 2006-Up 1.8 Type S, Civic 2006-Up 2.2 TD And FR-V 04-up Models

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€ 229,00
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Image of an EBC 3GD gold anodised Solid Sports Disc Rotor
3GD Solid Type Rotor
- Gold Finish

Slotted and drilled brake rotors for cooler brakes

Manufactured using premium disc blanks mentioned above, the unique wide aperture slots in the EBC sport rotor actually draw cool air under the pad during heavy braking and reduce brake temperatures whilst also helping remove dirt, dust and debris and gasses created by heavy braking from the pad contact area. They also improve braking in off road conditions of wet, mud or sand and as such are a great choice for 4x4 vehicles. Blind drilled holes eliminate the chance of rotor cracking which is common with “through drilled” or completely drilled vent holes.

Direction of Rotation of EBC Turbo Groove Rotors

EBC Turbo Groove and Spotty Discs are directional “LEFT and RIGHT” which is nearside and offside of your vehicle. The spotted pattern and the sweeping grooves should be pointing to the rear of the vehicle.

Image showing direction of rotation of 3GD Sports Rotors

Technical Specifications: Click here

Información adicional

Código Del Producto GD1367
PVP € 229,00
Brake Disc Type Slotted/Grooved
Version Turbogroove
Fabricante EBC Brakes

This product fits on the following car models:

Honda Civic 2005-2008 5-door hatchback 1.8i (R18A2 - FK2)
Honda Civic 2005-2008 5-door hatchback 2.2i-CTDi (N22A2 - FK3)
Honda Civic 2008-2012 5-door hatchback 1.4i (L13Z1 - FK1)
Honda Civic 2008-2012 5-door hatchback 1.8i (R18A2 - FK2)
Honda Civic 2008-2012 5-door hatchback 2.2i-CTDi (N22A2 - FK3)
Honda Civic 2007-2012 3-door hatchback 1.8i (R18A2 - FN1)
Honda Civic 2007-2012 3-door hatchback 2.2i-CTDi (N22A2 - FN3)
Honda Civic 2007-2012 3-door hatchback 1.4i (L13Z1 - FN4)
Honda FR-V 2004-2007 5-door 1.7i (D17A2 - BE17)
Honda FR-V 2004-2007 5-door 2.0i (K20A9 - BE37)
Honda FR-V 2004-2007 5-door 2.2i-CTDi (N22A1 - BE57)
Honda FR-V 2007-2010 5-door 1.8i (R18A1 - BE1)
Honda FR-V 2007-2010 5-door 2.2i-CTDi (N22A1 - BE5)


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