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Controlador de Mezcla y Encendido AEM F/IC 8 (Universal)

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    • Plugs directly into the factory harness. No rewiring necessary.
    • Includes start up calibrations.
    • Enables MAF-clamping/ recalibration.
    • Runs in conjunction with factory ECU. CAN-BUS not affected.
    • Among the only piggyback systems which can decrease pulse-width, allowing larger aftermarket injectors while maintaining proper air/fuel ratios.
    • 64kb of internal data logging.


The AEM F/IC is an economical solution for controlling fuel and ignition on vehicles that do not require stand-alone engine management, including variable cam timing engines like VTEC, VVTi and MiVEC.The F/IC gives users with OBD-II race vehicles and non-factory forced induction systems the ability to retard ignition and deliver accurate amounts of fuel without the need for outdated FMUs or “boost hiding” controllers. This system works parallel to the factory ECU preventing tuning limitations due to complex factory timing patterns. 21x17 maps with configurable load and RPM breakpoints are easily accessed with the F/IC's Windows-based tuning software. The F/IC draws power from PC USB interface for quick and easy calibration changes.


The F/IC intercepts the signal to the stock injectors, allowing the user to modify pulse-width by +/-100%. The F/IC is among the only piggy-back systems that can decrease injector pulse-width, allowing the user to drive larger aftermarket injectors* while still maintaining proper air / fuel ratios. This powerful system can also tap into the factory injector signal and work independently to drive up to six (6) additional injectors.


The F/IC can retard timing from the factory system based on engine RPM and load inputs. This is achieved by intercepting and delaying the outputs from the cam and crank position sensors to the engine- with no adverse affect on applications equipped with variable cam timing.


The F/IC can also be used to recalibrate / clamp the MAF sensor, eliminating common problems with non-boosted factory MAFs. The on-board MAP sensor allows for proper fueling in boosted conditions.


Since the F/IC works in conjunction with the factory ECU, late model-vehicles equipped with a CAN-BUS system retain functionality of climate controls, dash and other components on the network.


Injector Channels68
Advanced Injector Load Simulation & FilteringNoYes
Timing Channels (Cam + Crank)35
High/Low Voltage Selectable MAG-Driver OutputsNoYes
TPS InputYesYes
MAP Sensor (Onboard)YesYes
MAP (0-5v Intercept)YesYes
MAF (0-5v Intercept)YesYes
Frequency Based Flow Meter SupportNoYes*
Speedometer RecalibratorNoYes*
o2 Sensor RemappingYesYes
External AFR InputYesYes
Generic 0-5v Remappers22
Boost Controller (Requires AEM 30-2400 Solenoid)NoYes
IAT Logging InputNoYes
PC DataloggingYesYes
Internal Logging Memory64 Kb2 Mb
VTEC Output/Control/+12V Switched OutputYesYes

*Can use either a frequency based flow meter sensor or the speedometer remapper but not both at the same time

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Código Del Producto 30-1930
PVP € 794,00
Fabricante AEM Electronics
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This is an universal product.
Please note that modifications might be needed in order to fit this part in your specific car.


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